Inspired by Bleu Chanel

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Inspired by Bleu, Chanel

The new alcohol-free perfume spray Bleu Chanel for men from One Drop Perfumes. Using silicone oil to make fragrance last longer and settle on your skin.

This is a nice, clean versatile fragrance. The citrus opening is very uplifting for the morning and the spicy, woody base is relaxing for later on in the day. The notes will linger on for a while and captivate from the start to finish. Bear in mind that this fragrance is a compliment magnet too!

Top notesjasmine, nutmeg and grapefruit.
Middle notesvetiver, patchouli, ginger and mint.
Base notescedar, sandalwood and labdanum. 

- 30 ml content
- Long lasting pure fragrance oil
- Inspired by top designers’ perfumes

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