Men Set 4

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Do you want to be a charming man in no time? Arm yourself with Normal Set 4 when you go out for events or meeting someone. With the oriental-woody and citrusy notes, you allure compliments and love you deserved.


1. Inspired by Polo Black,
Ralph Lauren

A daring fragrance for the urban professional. With fresh citrusy and oriental tones, this fragrance exudes the mysterious and sexy side of your life. Top notes: iced mango, Spanish sage, green effervescent accord. Middle notes: silver armoise, lush liquid accord and hedione.
Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli noir, timberol and tonka bean.


2. Inspired by L’essence,
Nino Cerutti

This fragrance represents a distinctive masculinity and contemporary lifestyle. The notes of bergamot, leather, saffron, musk and cedar mix well during your time at the office. Top notes: bergamot and white pepper. Middle notes: eather, saffron and sensual woody notes.
Base notes: velvety musk, amber and cedar.


3. Inspired by Astute,
One Drop Perfumes

This aromatic woody fragrance is an everlasting expression of manliness. The spicy and fresh woody notes evoke the spirit of freedom. Recommended for evening wear. Top notes: lemon and bergamot. Middle notes: woody notes.
Base notes: amber.


4. Inspired by L’amoureux 6,
Dolce and Gabbana

spicy and oriental notes to amplify your nobility and desire. Experience the intense freshness whether in office or going out. Top notes: bergamot, juniper berry and pink pepper. Middle notes: cardamom, birch leaf and orris root.
Base notes: musk and woody notes.


5. Inspired by One Million,
Paul Rabbane

This fragrance is the expression of every man’s fantasies. Exotic blends of citrusy and spicy notes embody the flamboyancy and masculinity. Top notes: sparkling fresh fruits, blood mandarin and peppermint. Middle notes: spicy flower notes, rose and musk.
Base notes: leather and amber.


6. Inspired by Conspicuous,
One Drop Perfumes

As a truly masculine fragrance, Conspicuous creates a style that blends timeless elegance with the trends of modern day. This fragrance proposes a creative and optimistic world to a man like you. Top notes: spicy notes. Middle notes: grapefruit.
Base notes: cedar and musk.


7. Inspired by Antidote,
Victor & Rolf

This fragrance emits fresh and oriental scents. Let the mix of citrusy, jasmine and woody notes uplift your energy during office hours. Top notes: citrusy notes. Middle notes: jasmine.
Base notes: amber and patchcouli.


8. Inspired by Insence Ultramarine,

This fresh and spicy masculine scent blends amber, lavender, grapefruit and woody notes. It is recommended for daytime wear. Top notes: amber and lavender. Middle notes: grapefruit.
Base notes: woody notes.

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