Men Celebrities' Special

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This set is perfectly crafted from celebrities’ perfumes in one box. These woody and citrusy fragrances inspire you to set you the path of glory and prominence.


1. Inspired by Instinct,
David Beckham

This fragrance opens with sheer sophistication. It is for urban professional men who strives for excellence with confidence and dare to be different. Top notes: grapefruit, petit grain, bergamot and mandarin. Middle notes: star anise, pepper, cardamom and pimento.
Base notes: white amber and vanilla.


2. Inspired by Unforgivable,
Sean John.

This fragrance is such a sophisticated scent. It radiates your sleek, sexy and passionate personalities. You can wear it as a casual wear to bring up inspiration to your life. Top notes: Sicilian lemon, Italian bergamot, green mandarin, Moroccan tangerine and grapefruit. Middle notes: orris, lavender and clary sage.
Base notes: cashmere accords, sandalwood, amber and tonka bean.


3. Inspired by True Star,
Enrique Iglesias

A daring and exhilarating scent from this fragrance brings warm and temptation. This perfume possesses spicy woody notes that can be wear on any occasion. Top notes: grapefruit. Middle notes: orris and licorice.
Base notes: saffron, vanilla and sandalwood.


4. Inspired by Jordan,
Michael Jordan

This fragrance blends notes of cedar, sandalwood, green tea and leather. It represents the spirit of today's men: sensitive yet masculine, refined yet strong. Top notes: mandarin orange, ivy, sage, bergamot and bitter orange. Middle notes: jasmine, nutmeg, pepper and cardamom.
Base notes: sandalwood, musk and oakmoss.


5. Inspired by Adventure,
Ewan McGregor

This fragrance appeals to men who love adventure, charismatic and have daredevil personality. Top notes: mandarin. Middle notes: bergamot.
Base notes: black sesame and sandalwood.


6. Inspired by Life,
Andre Agassi

This fragrance has a distinctly masculine, authoritative, warm and provocative scent, which makes it even more appealing to women. Top notes: kumquat. Middle notes: lime and bergamot.
Base notes: sandalwood and cedar.


7. Inspired by Blue Seduction,
Antonio Banderas

This fragrance expresses a modern, stylish and masculine. It holds mix of fresh oriental and woody notes that create a pleasant feel. Top notes: bergamot, cassis, mint, melon, cardamom and nutmeg. Middle notes: ocean accord, apple and cappuccino accord.
Base notes: oakmoss and musk.


8. Inspired by He,
Inspired by He, Usher

The scent has passion and energy. It is perfect for sexy, modern, energetic and urbanite men. Top notes: pineapple and melon. Middle notes: melon verbena.
Base notes: musk.

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