Inspired by Spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf

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Inspired by Spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf

The new alcohol-free perfume spray Spicebomb Victor and Rolf from One Drop Perfumes. Using silicone oil to make fragrance last longer and settle on your skin.

This fragrance has a unique, masculine, exotic scent that is very strong with a "sweet" aftertaste. The warmth of this fragrance makes it ideal for an evening out. It's a fragrance for men with a strong personality. Definitely a head turner and get a lot of compliments from women.

Top noteschilli, saffron and leather.
Middle notestobacco, vetiver, grapefruit and bergamot.
Base notescedar, elemi and pink pepper. 

- 30 ml content
- Long lasting pure fragrance oil
- Inspired by top designers’ perfumes

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